Summer Party – Melting Pot Recap (July 2018)

Last Friday (July 20th 2018) our team at Goto Brand (the company behind TFG) arranged a party for the ages called ‘Melting Pot’.

Unlike the name would suggest, and in spite of the record breaking heat that was plaguing all us Tokyoites at the time, it didn’t end up becoming an actual melting pot, thanks to the air conditioners constantly running at full blast.

A few TFG members joined us, along with people in various positions at client Companies, random party lovers, and even personal friends of the staff.

Hopefully you were able to make some friends and connections that will improve your life in Tokyo.

It was a semi-private setting, and we had a diverse set of DJs, including our own Creative Director and our CEO, played different music (from Old School Hip Hop all the way to New Jack Swing) from night till morning.

Thanks to everyone who joined and danced until dawn with us.

Looking forward to meet even more of our members at the next event.

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