Tokyo Focus Groups Meetup #1 (April 21 2018) Recap

The first ever TFG event, Tokyo Focus Groups Meet Up #1 took place in a nice Japanese restaurant in Akasaka, Tokyo on April the 21st 2018.

We rented out Sobie Bekkan Tonari for our members, and paid for all-you-can-drink as well as a delicious food course.

The People

Tokyo Focus Groups Meet Up - Picture Of People at The Meet Up

We had almost 40 participants, with over 10 different nationalities, all coming together and enjoying themselves and meeting new people.

Everyone had different backgrounds.

Although there were a fair amount of English teachers among the group as expected, there were also engineers, designers, managers, marketers, IT workers as well as students.

People from all walks of life.

That’s what makes TFG such an interesting group of people to communicate with.

The Agenda

When we came up with the idea of having this event, we literally had 3 small goals.

  1. Welcome everyone to TFG
  2. Confirm that the members were real people
  3. Last but not least; HAVE FUN

It was a great success on all fronts, especially the having fun part.

A lot of people reluctant to leave the party even when the venue staff were starting to clean up the place because they had another event scheduled right after us.

People also kept hanging out, going to nijikai, and sanjikais after the event.]

The Food

I wish I had taken more pictures of the Food, but I was busy presenting and managing the event, and then eating whenever I found a free minute here and there.

With a diverse menu ranging from traditional Japanese yakitori and sashimi, to Japanese fusion food with charcoal grilled chicken served with tortilla, the food was delicious.

Almost everyone’s (including me) favorite seemed to be the handmade, charcoal grilled Tsukune.

If you are ever in Akasaka, I would definitely recommend that you check out out Sobie Bekkan Tonari .

If you want to check out some pictures of the food or read some reviews, please click the link above.

Ogasawara Presentation – And Tokyo-Produced Rum (Made From Tokyo Produced Sugar Cane) Tasting

I know I look angry, but I am actually just nervous! (Don’t worry, I’m actually a nice guy.)

One of the highlights from the event, was definitely when Okubo-san from the Ogasawaramura Tourist Office held his presentation introducing everyone to the amazing Ogasawara Islands (also known as bounin islands).

The Ogasawara Islands are not very well known among foreigners visiting or expats living in Japan, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to invite him to speak to help spread the awareness of the islands’s amazing natural beauty.

A few things you should know about Ogasawara islands:

  • It’s a tropical island, but technically a part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.
  • The water is an incredible clear, blue.
  • You can swim and snorkel with WILD dolphins.
  • Because of the climate, they have grow sorts of tropical fruits and produce. From coffee, to passion fruit, to sugar cane and rum.
  • You can only go there by boat, which takes 25 hours!

The highlight of the presentation was definitely when everyone watched a short video that perfectly showcased the beauty of the islands in only 8 minutes. (If you have 8 minutes right now, you should definitely watch it.)

Next Event?

If you want to keep up with TFG’s next events, you should definitely join TFG and become a member of our crew, or you can go to our events page.


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