Focus Groups, Experiences & Other Opportunities in Tokyo

We are currently looking for new people to join focus groups and product tests in Tokyo, for companies stretching across a number of industries.
*** Or, want to eat at luxury restaurants, experience hidden cultural treasures or go on exclusive tours, for free? ***

Just by watching a short presentation, or trying a product or service, you can get paid up to 10 000 yen to share your opinion.Whether you are a university student, exchange student, language school student, employee at a Japanese or foreign company or even just here on vacation, there`s a company that`s willing to pay for your opinion.

As long as you are a citizen of a foreign country(and you spent most of your life overseas), you are qualified to join our program.

Tokyo Focus Groups helps connect companies targeting the “inbound” market segment, and foreign consumers that already reside in Japan.

We take care of all communications and negotiation with the company, all you need to do is to sign up for free.

* Currently focusing on foreign consumers, so only overseas citizens, like exchange students or expats can participate at this point in time.

4 000 – 10 000¥Cash For Giving Some Feedback On Products or Marketing Materials. (Maximum 2 hours.)
Free experiences, ranging from stays at luxury resorts, to restaurants, cultural experiences to full tours. (From a 2 hour dinner or experience, to weekend getaways.)
You only get contacted by email, if you are appropriate for a session. We don`t spam mail all of our members for each new client request we get.
We guarantee your privacy. We do not sell or share contact information with third parties.

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Still not sure about signing up? Read a bit more about the flow of our focus group service!


You sign up with your email address and other necessary information, and confirm that we got the right email address by checking your email, and clicking the link in the email from

Then we enter you into our database, that we categorize based on location, nationality, interests, gender and age.

The client tells us what kinds of people they want for the focus group, us where they want to hold it, and how long they think the focus group session will last. Then we advise a price point based on their target market, day of the week, ahead notice, and difficulty/length of the session.*

Then we contact only the relevant people* from our member list (possibly you), and introduce the specifics of the event, how much it pays(or what`s included for free in the experience if it`s an experience).

Then it`s simply first come, first serve. The first people to contact us and confirm their availability will be contacted, to confirm their details for the invoice(which we produce for each participant).

(Please be advised that promising to show up on a certain date, and no-showing, will lead to your permanent removal and banning from our service.)

* Most clients of course want to cut costs as much as possible, but we consider all the inconvenient factors of our focus group participants, and make sure that they offer adequate compensation.
** Most companies that organize focus groups through usually use a simplistic, full-blast approach to notify all their members that there`s a new opportunity available. This can often lead to a lot of unnecessary mail for a majority of the members. I personally look through the details of each new member, and make sure to categorize them properly in our system so that no one gets contacted unnecessarily.

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Examples of Focus Group Sessions

Because we (the people behind TFG) are a Tokyo-based digital marketing agency(Goto Brand) that works with a wide variety of Japanese and International companies, there`s an equally wide range of potential focus groups. The focus group you become a part of could look something like the examples below, once we officially launch the service to our current clients at Goto Brand, and other companies. (Remember, you won`t be emailed invitations to groups unrelated to you):

Music Production Company
Focus Group Members: 2 groups, 20 Music Interested Foreigners Different Countries
Topic: Listening to the English versions of songs and listing them in order of preference
Length: 1-2 hours
Compensation: 6 000¥
Location: Company`s Main Office, Shibuya-ku

Beauty Product Manufacturer
Focus Group Members: 10
Topic: Comparing products and giving feedback.
Length: 2-3 hours
Compensation: 10 000¥
Location: Company`s Main Office, Ikebukuro

Real Estate Development Company
Focus Group Members: 6 Foreign Professionals Living in Japan Long Term
Topic: Comparing Four Different Apartment Layouts Before They Proceed With Development and Pre-sale
Length: 3 hours
Compensation: 15 000¥ + Lunch at Restaurant
Location: Company`s Main Office, Minato-Ku

*Note: These are examples to demonstrate the types of focus groups we will arrange after our official launch.
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