One of the things we do at Tokyo Focus groups, is arrange events for our members (usually with a bonus, like free food or drinks, or no entrance fee).

We held our very first official TFG event on April 21st, and we’re planning a lot more in the future.

Past events:

This is where we list past events that we have arranged for/with TFG members.

Summer Party – Melting Pot

July 20th 2018 our team at Goto Brand (the company behind TFG) arranged a party for the ages called ‘Melting Pot’.

It was a semi-private party, and all TFG members were invited at a discounted price. (As they will be for all future events.)

Thanks to everyone who joined and danced until dawn with us.

Looking forward to meet even more of our members at the next event.

Tokyo Focus Groups Meetup #1

The first meet up came together mostly as a way to thank everyone for joining our side project, and making it possible as an endeavor.

With almost 40 people of all different nationalities and backgrounds, it was an interesting meet up where we mostly focused on having fun and getting to know each other, but we were also lucky enough to have a member of the Ogasawara Islands (one of the Tokyo Islands) tourist offer come and present an amazing video of the island, as well as let us taste some local rum(technically produced in Tokyo).


Upcoming Event: GB Presents : Melting Pot (Special Deal for TFG Members)



If you want to get notified about these events, as well as get unique deals or invited to members only events, please sign up and become a member of our crew!